The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures is a 501(c)(3) board-only nonprofit organization, classified as a private foundation with a long term goal of achieving public charity status. All proceeds from every sale, including admission, membership and merchandise go towards funding the museum’s operations. Click here to access our 2012 Annual Report to learn more about our programs and involvement in the community.

Your Support Opens Up A World of Opportunity


Fairy Caitlin’s Fund

Caitlin’s Fund was established as a long-term resource to provide unrestricted operational support for The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures. The Board of Directors of the museum established Caitlin’s Fund on opening day in September 2009 by setting aside 1 ½% of all revenue and unrestricted contributions received to be invested in perpetuity on behalf of the generations of patrons and friends who enjoy the museum and its programs.

As a board-designated fund, Caitlin’s Fund functions as an endowment because the money that is set aside is invested and treated as principal that will not ever be spent. A percentage of the investment’s earnings, set by the Board of Director’s each year, is used to fund museum operations. The balance of earnings is added back into the principal, along with recent allocations and new donations as they are received, so that the fund may grow and thrive alongside the museum it serves.

Caitlin’s Fund is named for The Mini Time Machine’s resident fairy. Caitlin welcomes every guest to the big world of small delights with her generous spirit and in-depth knowledge. She personifies the magical experience of The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures and its timeless mission to protect and preserve the world’s smallest treasures for generations to come.


Support Touch Tours for the Visually Impaired

The Mini Time Machine offers Touch Tours to children and adults who are blind or have low vision. Well-crafted miniatures present quality, tactile resources which are able to enhance K-12 curriculum and provide tangible experiences that allow the visually impaired of all ages to participate more fully in the museum experience. Our K-12 programming helps present such concepts as mathematical scale and the spatial-relationship between two and three dimensions, as well as introduce diverse, multicultural objects from around the world.


How can you help support Touch Tour programming at our museum?


  • Donate your new or gently used miniature objects. We are currently seeking home furnishings of any era as well as unique or unusual miniatures (those that represent different cultures., unique one-of-a-kinds, high quality reproductions, etc.) Can be any scale.
  • In-kind donations. Raffle items or gift certificates for goods or services can be used in Touch Tour fundraising efforts.
  • Make a monetary donation. Any amount helps! Money donated to Touch Tour programming will be used to purchase craft supplies, tactile aids or help fund the development of a Self-Guided Descriptive Audio Tour pilot program.



Please use our Touch Tour Donation Form to make a donation towards our efforts.


Would you like to learn more about donating to our Touch Tour programming?

Contact Emily Wolverton at 520-881-0606 or by email



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