School Outreach

The Mini Time Machine’s outreach presentations for elementary and middle schools are comprehensive lessons presented by staff and volunteers that include an interactive discussion addressing Language Arts, Geography, Mathematics, Social Studies and Economics. Each lesson includes an opportunity to create a miniature. Our outreach program is free and can be customized to meet your needs. Presentations last approximately one hour and are limited to 30 students at a time. Consecutive classes may be scheduled.



Choose from the following themes:

Once Upon a Time: Tiny Fairytales (grades K–3)

Learn the elements for writing a fairytale while exploring fairytale miniatures from our collection such as The Three Bears House and a fairy castle from Ireland among others. Students will create a miniature folding fairytale book or mini castle.

Tiny Tour Around the World (grade K–6)

Tour the US, Europe and Asia without jet lag! Children are introduced to regional traditions, learn geography and discover cultural similarities and differences while “visiting” miniatures that replicate sites around the globe. Students will receive a mini map of their travels and create a miniature passport book.

Time Travel: Egypt (grades K–6)

Students learn about Ancient Egypt while exploring Time of the Pharaohs, a miniature recreation of an Ancient Egyptian tomb site. Students will construct a folded-paper miniature pyramid or other miniature object associated with the Egyptian burial ritual.

Miniature Mathematics: From Big to Small (grades 3–8)

Fine scale miniatures replicate the real world in precise detail; this cannot be done without mathematics. Students will practice measuring, estimation, and scale conversion while studying meticulously detailed miniatures that amaze! This lesson culminates in the students creating a folded paper house reduced in scale from an actual building.

Dollhouse as Time Capsule (grades 4–8)

Historically dollhouses have been status symbols, objects for play and learning, built for entertainment, and created as works of art. Learn how economy, industry and war all influence the availability and use of dollhouses in society. Students will make a miniature monopoly board.

For more information or to book a visit, please contact our Museum Outreach Educator, Michael Muscarello, at 520-881-0606 ext. 114 or by email.

Community Outreach

The Mini Time Machine also offers community outreach programs. Let us come and introduce your group to the BIG world of small delights.

For more information, please contact our Museum Outreach Educator, Michael Muscarello, at 520-881-0606 ext. 114 or by email.


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