Before You Visit

The museum is offering free admission through September 2014 in celebration of our 5th anniversary. There may large crowds at certain times. To help us ensure that everyone has a meaningful and enjoyable visit, please review the museum’s policies below.  Click here to visit our calendar for additional museum programming. All programs and events that are included with museum admission will be free in September. We hope you enjoy your visit.


Museum Policies

To ensure a meaningful and enjoyable experience for all of our visitors, we ask that you review the following policies before your visit.

  • Flash photography is not permitted in the museum. Please turn your camera flash off when taking pictures in the museum. Members of the media may request a press pass at the front desk to take flash photography.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the museum and cannot be checked at the front desk. Neither chewing gum nor smoking are permitted in the museum.
  • Please turn your cell phone ringer to silence or vibrate and limit the use of your cell phone to the lobby or outdoor areas.
  • Please do not run, jump, shout or use disruptive behavior in the museum.
  • Protect the miniatures and refrain from touching the glass or leaning on exhibits.
  • Visit Fairy Caitlin at her home in the tree in the Enchanted Realm, but please do not climb on the tree.
  • Large bags, packages, backpacks and umbrellas are not permitted in the galleries.
  • Stollers are welcome. Please be considerate when using strollers in a crowded area.
  • No animals or pets, besides service animals, are permitted in the museum.
  • When writing or sketching in the galleries, please use lead pencils only. Please use a clipboard or notebook and not the walls or cases when writing or sketching.
  • Please be aware that five minutes before closing time, the museum staff begins to clear the galleries. Please follow their instructions.
  • Firearms are not permitted in the museum.


A variety of gallery guides to help you explore the collection are available in the lobby. Children may enjoy the Find Fairy Caitlin Scavenger Hunt.


To enhance your visit, the following resources are available for checkout at the front desk:

  • Flashlights
  • Step Stools
  • Braille Maps
  • Large Print Gallery Guides
  • Large Print Collection Highlights Guide Notebook
  • Large Print Temporary Exhibit Guides
  • Braille Collection Highlights Guide Notebook


We hope you enjoy your visit to the museum and share your experience with your friends and family. For a hands-on experience, schedule your visit to coincide with our Art Carts or visit our Calendar for information on additional museum programs taking place.


Visiting Tucson

Tucson is a wonderful city with friendly people and beautiful weather offering a wealth of culture, heritage, outdoor adventure, family fun and art! If you are unfamiliar with the area, a great place to get ideas is the Metropolitan Tucson Convention and Visitor’s Bureau in downtown Tucson. Or visit their website at Another great resource is the Southern Arizona Guide website where you will find information and videos about the best dining, shopping, and things to do in Southern Arizona. Ask your concierge about things to do or look for a copy of Tucson Guide in your hotel room. Whether you are looking for an outing in our unique desert setting, something to do with the kids or just want to pamper yourself- Tucson has something for you!

Where to Eat

Tucson has a fabulous and diverse culinary scene. We are fortunate to have several great restaurants as our friendly neighbors. Below is a short list of local restaurants within a mile, or even walking distance, of The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures. For a more comprehensive list of terrific local restaurants, be sure to visit the Tucson Originals.


Where to Stay

There are lodging accomodations to meet every need and every budget in Tucson. The following is a short list of hotels and resorts in close proximity to The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures


The Tucson Attractions Savings Passport

Passport_Cox_200x112The Tucson Attractions Savings Passport is your ticket to fun! The Passport is an unbeatable savings guide to the best there is to see and do in Southern Arizona. Each booklet includes over 40 two-for-one offers and discounts to the area’s top attractions, museums, shopping and fun! Priced at only $18, the Tucson Attractions Passport offers over $400 in savings! The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures is a retailer of the Tucson Attractions Passport. Pick one up in our museum store and use our two-for-one offer inside. Or, click here to purchase a Passport online.

Support Local Businesses

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